Contract Manufacturing Services

We manufacture all types of fire extingushers as per ISI Standards, CE standards as well as customized.

All types of fire tenders as per user requirement/specifications. Different types available are Water Tender, Foam Tender, DCP Tender, Multipurpose Tender, Crash Tender.

Latest technology product.

DCP with dry powder for fire fighting unit. These products are available in range of 100 Kg to 500 Kg. These can also me mounted on trolleys for easy mobility.

Skit mounted with DCP powderABC powerder right from 100 Kg to 1000 Kg along with fire detection tubes automatically without AC/DC power supply.

Reliance has developed an unique ABC 150 Kg ttrolley mounted with diffuser technology to have discharge throw of 28 to 30 metres. Its a unique product patented design technology. Which can be used for all class of fire.