Hydrant System

Fire Hydrant system consists of

  • Ring main with the piping as per pressure laws calculations to have minimum of 3.5 Kg/cm2 at further most end.
  • Outlet of hydrant valve requirement will be designed as per TAC standard and safety requirement.
  • Every outlet will be provided with hose box consist of two lengths of delivery hose of 63mm dia with a branch pipe.
  • In case of raiser you may have to provide hose reel in addition to the above.

Our clienteles and above said services are extended to all the ISO 9001 certified company, Govt., Public sector, Major Industries and Institutions.

Pump House

  • The pump house will consist of main electrical motor coupled with pump.
  • Jockey pump
  • Main diesel engine with pump
  • Electrical panel and required accessories like priming tank (option), pressure switch, pressure gauge ..etc

Addressable Fire Alarm System

  • We are authorized design engineer for NOTIFIER, USA with UL approved products.
  • Analog addressible system has the provision of identifying the location of fire and devices activiated.
  • This system you can save cable in comparision to conventional fire alarm system. Since we use more number of devices in one loop in series.