SAG –(3-2)

SAG –(3-2) is designed for generating of gaseous-aerosol mixture which stops the process of flame burning when reaches the necessary concentration.

Generator is made in a shape of cylinder with metal body, on the end part of which the nozzle cap is located. Generator is structurally stable to vibration. It has a low temperature of the outgoing aerosol stream due to the cooling unit which is located inside.

The electrical impulse which comes to the starter* Or Thermocord which is installed inside generator, ignites the aerosol forming cartridge. It is manufactured with protected volumes up to 60 m3.

MODEL NO SAG – (3 -2)
Capacity 2000 gms
Fire Classes A, B, C, D & E
Operation Temperature + 50 Degrees
Starter type Electrical / Thermal
Area Coverage 60 m3
Product details