SAG – 0.05 Kg

SAG – (3-0.05) is designed for generating of gaseous-aerosol mixture which stops the process of flame burning when reaches the necessary concentration.

Generator is made in a shape of square with metal body with 360 degree discharge provision. Generator is structurally stable to vibration. It has a low temperature of the outgoing aerosol stream due to the cooling unit which is located inside.

Thermocord is designed for detecting and activation of Aerosol Generator System when the environment temperature rises above the temperature limit. It is manufactured with protected volumes up to 1.6 m3.

MODEL NO SAG –(3 -0.05)
Capacity 50 gms
Fire Classes A, B, C, D & E
Operation Temperature + 50 Degrees
Starter type Electrical / Thermal
Area Coverage 1.6 m3
Product details