SAG –(3-5.3)

SAG –(3-5.3)is a portable generator of fire extinguishing aerosol for Manual operative use. Generator is made in a shape of a low metal cylinder which has a nozzle gap at the whole circle. Generator has a handle for its carry-over and throwing into protected room.

AsgeneratorSGS-5 is thrown into the burning room from outside, the influence on humans of dangerous fire factors (such as high temperature, smoke, the danger of caving and electric shock) is reduced significantly or eliminated.

Generator can be operated after removing Safety Pin from the box and connecting the Battery to activate Red Button. Generator starts up with a delay which is enough for its safe throwing into the burning room.

Redundancy Thermocord facility is designed for detecting and activation of Aerosol Generator System to be operated by lay person by throwing into the fire and when the environment temperature rises above the temperature limit. It will also work as auto manual operation at the time of emergency.

MODEL NO SAG – (3-5.3)
Fire Classes A, B, C, D & E
Operation Temperature + 50 Degrees
Starter type Electrical / Thermal
Area Coverage 90 m3
Product details